Rural 21 (engl. Ausgabe 2/2020)

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Focus 2/2020: Employment for rural Africa

Many people in the Global South have no option to earn an income enabling them a life beyond poverty, not to mention a decent living. The situation is particularly volatile in Africa, for the population there will double by 2050, and every year, 25 million new jobs need to be created for the surge of young people entering the labour market. These young people are more educated, more entrepreneurial, more savvy and more technical-skilled than any other generation before them. So this is a huge potential that can be put to use – provided that the existing hurdles can be cleared, and that the impacts of the corona crisis can be contained as quickly as possible.

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Rural 21 is devoted to the development of the rural areas of developing and newly industrialising countries. The magazine is a lively turntable where science, politics, the business world an practitioners exchange their experience and knowledge.

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