Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture 1/2012

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Zeitschrift für internationale Landwirtschaft
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Inhalt der Ausgabe: Vol 51. (2012), No. 1

Weather Risk and Household Participation in Off-farm Activities in Rural Ethiopia
Abera Birhanu Demeke and Manfred Zeller, Germany

Droughts in Syria: An Assessment of Impacts and Options for Improving the Resilience of the Poor
Perrihan Al-Riffai, Clemens Breisinger, Dorte Verne and Tingju Zhu, USA

The Effectiveness of Dissemination Pathways on Adoption of “Push-Pull” Technology in Western Kenya
A.W. Murage and G. Obare, Kenya; J. Chianu, Tunisia; D.M. Amudavi and C.A.O. Midega, Kenya; J.A. Pickett, UK, and Z.R. Khan, Kenya

Investigating Endogeneity Effects of Social Capital on Household Welfare in Nigeria: A Control Function Approach
A.A. Adepoju and O.A. Oni, Nigeria

"Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture" is an international platform for research on agricultural development, politics and economics in international agriculture. All aspects of agriculture are addressed: policy, income and technologies, agribusiness, the food chain, food supply and demand, resource protection and management, as well as rural development. It appears 4 times a year. http://www.agrar.hu-berlin.de/fakultaet/departments/daoe/publ/qjia


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Herausgeber Joachim von Braun, Dr. Franz Heidhues, Dieter Elz, Dieter Kirschke
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