Buch- und Zeitungslektüre badischer Bäuerinnen und Bauern um 1900

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Rising levels of popular literacy, rural libraries, publications and print media are still subjects in historical research on the media in the first half of the 20th century in Germany. Jack Goody has always given priority in his work to the huge onsequences and social changes brought about through reading and writing. The aim of this paper, however, rather is to study peasant reading practices in the rural areas of Baden and to summarize the results of an historical approach. A changing dynamic in the relationship between peasants and print culture was related to the development of a new and heterogeneous rural Baden inside a national economy in the midst of industrial growth. Firstly, reading is considered not only as an active process of the peasants but is also influenced by social, economic and gender factors. Secondly, different levels of access, interaction and feedback with regard to print culture in rural areas are observed as a basis in the study. Lastly, print media are studied as part of the development of new cultural consumption as well as a new area for communication and publicity in rural areas..
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