Vom „Memorisieren“ zur „Information“ – Schreibendes Lesen in der ersten Hälfte des 18. Jahrhunderts

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This contribution addresses the close interrelation between oral and written cultural techniques. Reading and writing have important social functions. First, the knowledge of script and writing served representative purposes among property-owning farmers. In addition, it was embedded in other symbolic acts. Second, writing gave social acts in everyday life a visible, lasting character. It preserved prestige claims and upported individual and collective memories. Third, writing down dates and events in diaries and notebooks was an important instrument of rational farm management. Due to the medialization of social agreements, they gained permanent material effectiveness. Fourth, written entries documented public acts of communication. Especially conflicts within the village were observed and then put in writing. In turn, this influenced the power structure among the peasants. The church as a public space was also a “place of verbal representation“. Altogether, social writing practice was supported by printed books, i.e. writing instructions as well as official forms. Thus, local practice was connected to territorial norms. As the 18th century rogressed, initial traces of a new, medialized enlightenment and information society could be found.
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