Lob des Handwerks: Wissenstheorie heute und bei Albrecht Daniel Thaer (1752-1828)

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This article focuses upon how Albrecht Daniel Thaer (1752-1828), who came to be known as the founding father of modern agricultural science in Germany, developed an appreciation for skilled manual work within the general framework of his epistemological thinking. Thaer overcame a long-standing prejudice regarding what was defined as “scientific”. Whereas according to the then prevailing notions, “science” did not engage with the materiality of agriculture, Thaer claimed that hands-on agricultural practices should be acknowledged as an important part of it. Drawing on the western tradition of epistemology and on Thaers experiences from farm life, this paper considers both intellectual and practical aspects which might have inspired and enabled Thaer to legitimize manual skills formerly stigmatized as the peasant way of knowing the land.

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