„Gartenschätze gesucht“ − Projekte zur Biodiversität im LWL-Freilichtmuseum Detmold

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There are many projects focussing on the preservation of endangered species of animals and plants at Europe's open-air museums. One such project at the LWL Open-Air Museum Detmold deals with the preservation of regional cultivated species and varieties of plants; the project is subsidised by the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture. Mapping existing gardens, conducting surveys and publishing requests in the press has made it possible to identify several old varieties and propagate them in a garden that was especially designed for this purpose. Many of these varieties have been passed on to interested parties and safeguarded. Topics related to cultivated plants and biodiversity were covered and reports on experiences from open-air museums as well as other institutions and even private projects have been introduced in the context of an international symposium. In terms of its methodology, the documentation based on the history of plants and food is also oriented towards communicating much of the compiled and researched content to the general public; this is done by implementing an annual theme, lectures and a project presentation at the Green Week in Berlin and other locations.

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