Vorreiter der Intensivtierhaltung: Die bundesdeutsche Geflügelwirtschaft 1948 bis 1980

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The article analyses the inside perspective of the German poultry economy through the association magazine of their central nationwide organisation. The introduction of intensified agro-industrial farming is examined with regard to the immanent argumentation and legitimation strategies of this industry. Furthermore, light is being shed on the interactions with agrarian-historical and cultural influences. The focus lies on livestock farming using the example of the West German poultry industry between 1948 and 1980 to show how human-animal-relations and the rural working culture were affected by the changes. In the course of this development, chicken acquired a double pioneer role: On the one hand, the first steps toward intensified animal farming occurred in the branch of laying hens. The specialisation, mechanisation and automation involved would later spread to other areas of livestock production such as pigs and turkey hens. On the other hand, criticism of intensive livestock husbandry originated in the debate about battery farming in the 1970s due to animal-ethical concerns.

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