„Der ganze Landkreis komplett in Aufruhr“.1 Konflikte um Agro-Gentechnik 2005 bis 2009: Theoretische Perspektiven und empirische Ergebnisse

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The use of genetic engineering for agriculture is highly contested. Between 2005 and 2008 farmers were allowed to grow the genetically modified maize MON810, before the commercial use of this species was banned in April 2009. During the time of the commercial use of MON810, the decision for and against genetically modified organisms (GMO) was individualised: Farmers could use MON810 – or not. Consequently, the conflicts over GMO were transferred to villages and rural areas. The article presents the findings of a case study that examines the conflicts over GMO in three German regions. It highlights both theoretical perspectives and empirical results concerning parties to the conflict, issues, the course of the debates, conflict resolution and the consequences of the quarrels.

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