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  1. Rural 21 (engl. Ausgabe 5/2011)
    Focus 5/2011: Price trends on world agricultural markets
    Just three years after the 2007/2008 food price crisis, prices for staple foods and agricultural commodities are on the rise again. There is cause for concern about food security. The authors in this issue of Rural 21 have explored the following questions: What are the reasons for the new price increases? How are affected countries and the international community of states reacting to it? How can future food (price) crises be prevented? Erfahren Sie mehr
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  2. Rural 21 (engl. Ausgabe 4/2011)
    Focus 4/2011: Sustainable tourism
    More than 220 million people – that is seven percent of the world’s working population – make a living in the tourism sector, and every day, around three billion US dollars is earned here. Thus the travel industry is contributing more than ten percent of the global gross national product. Even though a major share of this money remains in the industrialised countries (more than half of all international travels take part in Europe), the branch plays a considerable role in the countries of the South: For every third developing country, tourism is the principal source of foreign exchange; for just under half of the Least Developed Countries, tourism is among the top three sources of export earnings. Erfahren Sie mehr
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