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  1. Rural 21 (engl. Ausgabe 3/2010)
    Focus 3/2010: Rural youth – to stay or not to stay?“
    Life in rural areas offers but little prospects for youth and many young adults. Good training and income opportunities are not available. Working in agriculture no longer holds any attraction for most young people. Traditional family and social structures are also a barrier. Many young adults therefore migrate to the cities, where they often join an army of unemployed. How can life in rural areas become more appealing? What income opportunities and living conditions have to be created that are so alluring that young people no longer have to leave their villages? Rural 21 attempts to show some ways out of this dilemma. Erfahren Sie mehr
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  2. Rural 21 (engl. Ausgabe 1/2010)
    Focus 1/2010: Land acquisitions – land grabbed?
    Foreign direct investment in land, also known as “land grabbing”, has become an explosive topic, especially in poor developing countries. In its first 2010 issue, Rural 21 gives insights into current trends in FDI, the political dimensions, the dangers that land grabbing by foreign investors hold for local food security, but also the opportunities it can bring for rural populations. Reports from countries in Africa and Asia illuminate the paths FDI is taking and the impacts it has, including on land law Erfahren Sie mehr
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