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  1. Rural 21 (engl. Ausgabe 6/2010)
    Focus 6/2010: Energy and climate change
    Energy poverty is always a prime component of poverty in developing countries, as the former head of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), Prof. Klaus Töpfer, never tires of emphasising. But what form can future energy production take if it is to contribute to poverty reduction but must do so without damaging sensitive ecosystems and accelerating climate change? The contributors to this issue of Rural 21 shed light on such questions. Erfahren Sie mehr
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  2. Rural 21 (engl. Ausgabe 5/2010)
    Focus 5/2010: Rural Development and Global Partnerships
    Promoting rural areas and agricultural production have returned to the front stage of international development policy. Following years of neglect, political decision makers have come to accept that without modern agriculture it is impossible to ensure food security or reduce poverty. The articles in this issue focus on new strategies in bilateral and multilateral development policy and the new role of the Global Partnership for Food and Agriculture Erfahren Sie mehr
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  3. Rural 21 (engl. Ausgabe 4/2010)
    Focus 4/2010: Microinsurance for agriculture
    Being very climate-dependent, agricultural producers have to face high risks and can only safeguard themselves against these risks to a very limited extent, especially in developing countries. 
In contrast to the growing offer of microcredits, the markets for microinsurance or insurances for agricultural produce, life insurance and health insurance have hardly developed in rural areas up to now.
What pre-conditions have to be fulfilled to improve the offer of agricultural insurances in developing and newly-industrialising countries? 
Rural 21 has asked experts from development cooperation and the private sector for their opinion. Erfahren Sie mehr
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