Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture 3/2015

Zeitschrift für ausländische Landwirtschaft

Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture 3/2015
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Inhalt der Ausgabe: Vol 54. (2015), No. 3

The Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture in Historical Perspective
Joachim von Braun and Jan Börner (Germany)

Welfare Impacts of Modern Peanut Varieties in China
Wu Huang (China), Di Zeng (USA) and Shudong Zhou (China)

Examining Returns to Scale in Smallholder Dairy Farms in East Africa
Ayele Gelan (Kuwait) and Beatrice W. Muriithi (Kenya)

What Determines Adoption of Fertilizers among Rice-Producing Households in Northern Ghana?
Alexander Nimo Wiredu (Germany and Ghana) Manfred Zeller (Germany) Aliou Diagne (Senegal)
Explaining Marketing Strategies among Bolivian Potato Farmers Catherine Larochelle and Jeffrey Alwang (USA)




"Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture" is an international platform for research on agricultural development, politics and economics in international agriculture. All aspects of agriculture are addressed: policy, income and technologies, agribusiness, the food chain, food supply and demand, resource protection and management, as well as rural development. http://www.agrar.hu-berlin.de/fakultaet/departments/daoe/publ/qjia



Zeitschrift für internationale Landwirtschaft

Joachim von Braun, Dr. Franz Heidhues, Dieter Elz und Dieter Kirschke

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